Jan 11th All updated & extra copies added for raid time!

All hacks have been updated.

We have also added an extra 5 copies to our limited file, the Repair Time Reducer.

Enjoy the gamble with 25% repair times instead of 50% repair times, it's not much, but it helps!

Dec 22nd Slow update in progress

Due to the fact I'm very ill, I've been unable to work or do almost anything this past week.. I don't have access to my PC tonight so will update the hacks tomorrow at some point.if the illness didn't include constant migraines consisting of more pain I've ever had in my life - I would have done update sooner.with a bit of luck I will be better ... Read More »

Dec 8th State of situation

Sixax has been through a lot of trouble over the past year, after the big patch we have been working endlessly to get the big hacks everyone wants working again with little luck so far. Recently we've made a big break on the Server Verification side of things, but we continue to work on that in the background until we have stable hacks to ... Read More »

Sep 25th Update in progress

The update for v3 is currently in progress, rest assured, it will be updated and working shortly :))

New orders time will not start until update is done.

Sep 13th 0 gold updated with repair

0 gold has been updated with working repair, check program for info, will keep you updated on ship build!

Jun 20th Status of Sixax

While many assume we have simply vanished, that is not the case. We are surprisingly still working on it, at the moment we are trying to find a specific part of the game in a file, without giving too much away, we think if we find this one thing, we can use it to make the server 'validate' / 'trust' the client-side repair/build time.We appreciate ... Read More »

Apr 11th ~ MAJOR UPDATE ~

This is a notice to all our customers!Hello my friends,We are close to fixing some of the features, please be patient.  We have noticed a large number of tickets, messages and numerously posts/comments on our FaceBook groups. Please note that there was not a huge but a colossal update and this gives a lot of pain in the areas where the ... Read More »

Apr 5th Weekly Update

Will not be ready till tomorrow
Thank You for understanding

Mar 21st Terms Of Service - Update | 21th March 2016/ 19:50PM

The Terms Of Service has suffered a slight update. As an obligation to our customers, we must inform everyone about each change. You will find the new Terms Of Service, ToS, at this link https://sixax.net/tos.html or on the ordering page. Please read it before submitting any other ticket, all changes will take place from the moment this email ... Read More »


Big update. We are working on it and will be up ASAP
Please do not send in tickets on update. We already know
Thank you!

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