I have had a few struggles recently and failed to keep on top of everything, the server is now back online and fixes and updates will be rolled out shortly.

I'll also be working on some improvements;
- new hacks
- faster updates
- a new, faster support system.

So far, I have a good friend of mine who will be assisting with the updates, and I have a few loyal and trusted members willing to take part in a "community support" system through our tickets, this means faster support for basic things like using the program, debugging problems and things which aren't caused by something in our server side.
If the community support staff deems it to be a problem on our side, it will be escalated to admin support, where only admin will be able to access / solve it.

I appreciate the loyalty and the trust many of you still have in us, the trouble recently which I'm sure a lot of you are aware of caused us some hassle, but we are through it now and will prove we are not scammers,and will remain the longest provider online

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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